This Qingyun sword is a Fu Shan multiplier. At this time, Fu Shan wants to touch and feel the tiger’s physique. However, before he gets close to the tiger, his body will quiver, and his eyes will light up with a sharp light. His two front paws will suddenly squat, obviously to attack Fu Shan.


Seeing this situation, Fu Shan no longer said, "It’s really spiritual!"
Who avoid slightly bent down and held out his hand on the tiger’s head and gently stroked his fur. The tiger was not at all dissatisfied. Instead, his eyes narrowed slightly on the ground and he seemed to enjoy it. But at this moment, who avoided smiling and shook his head. "This is not appropriate! This spiritual swan bird of Qingyun Sword itself is hidden in the deepest part of Qingyun Sword’s prohibition. Without the unity of tiger’s mind, the original owner of the flying sword will definitely come out again to smash this tiger! "
With that, Wei Ji looked at Fu Shanyi and gestured, "Fight back according to the situation that your weapon is not controlled by the enemy weapon in ordinary combat!"
At that time, Fu Shan made a move. He first moved a small virtual boundary to cover up the vicinity, which made the situation here less than that of the corpse demon Lin Zhao. Then his hands suddenly squeezed out an aura in the immediate virtual space and rushed toward the tiger body. When the swan birds sang again.
This time, the bird song is quite piercing, which implies a trace of immortality. With the bird song, the swan flashes from the pupil of the tiger’s eyes first, and then the illusory bird shadow is directly emitted from the tiger’s body. Then the wings suddenly shake, and the tiger’s black and yellow stripes instantly turn blue, and then the whole body is reduced, and the instant is still restored to a Qingyun sword.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Test solution to Bao Ling
Chapter three hundred and seventy-two Test solution to Bao Ling
Qingyun sword after reduction is really like a tiger into the mountain, and Lin Long returns to the sea. It’s an agitation, high-spirited birdsong, cold and firm but gentle, but it turns into a thick blue sword light that flies towards Weiji.
In the face of this, Wei Ji will not be dismayed to continue to develop the chemical finger force. A more brilliant golden light shot in the past and hit the Qingyun sword light at once. At once, it was almost near, but it was abruptly stagnant in the virtual body. In an instant, the sword light gathered and the tiger roar came out from Qingyun sword. After three screams, it was exactly the same as before, but it looked majestic and powerful. Many tigers appeared again in front of everyone.
Fu Shan hands pinch tactic repeatedly shaking but Qingyun Jian this time not only didn’t respond to the meaning, but reversed the huge tiger body eyes fine mans critical shot towards Fu Shanwei. It seems that Fu Shan still has some unbelief and secretly blessed the strength, but it was not until he mobilized his own strength that the tiger failed to turn Qingyun Jian again.
At this time, Fu Shan just shook his head quite somberly. "There is no way out. It seems that the spirituality of Qingyun’s sword has dispersed and he can’t get the slightest induction anymore!"
"So is this Qingyun Sword useless?" Listen to this Wang Xian also line socket way
"No!" Who bogey is very firmly shook his head. "This is just that I intend to change the spiritual core of the tiger and reorganize the multiplier’s true spirit. The original swan bird’s spirituality has not disappeared. I thought that this Qingyun sword would recover itself after a period of childhood.
I haven’t finished changing the material and solidifying the ability, even if I have it, it doesn’t matter because he has inherited all his original abilities. Like this tiger, he has all the abilities of Qingyun Sword, and Qingyun Sword is good at flying and escaping. The same is true of this tiger, which is better than the tiger. After all, flying on a mount is always much more comfortable than the royal sword! "
"That’s true!" Wang Xian nodded his head.
"But it takes me 30% of my mental strength to deal with such a low-order treasure, but it seems a bit much!" Who avoid to this forced change others multiplier form effect although satisfied, but for mana consumption is still some.
Fu Shan and Wang Xianwen are so jealous that they are complacent. After all, he has done his best to get his own multiplier master! When everyone in the school came forward to comfort them, they said, "It’s not much to consume 30% mana with such magical power!"
Wei Ji is noncommittal about this because he knows that Fu Shan and Wang Xian don’t know that his meridians are far beyond the scope of human spirit, and they are far from being comparable to the godsworn’s mana of the same order. To be honest, the breadth of meridians of Fu Shan and Wang Xianti, then the real person, is far from Wei Ji. Wei Ji estimates that he has moved 30% mana, regardless of the pure quantity of mana and body mass, and he is afraid that Fu Shanli will exceed a lot.
Of course, the force here refers only to the mana in the body meridians.
Ordinary people always talk about their strength no matter what they do, and their strength is very different, just like a monk hitting the magic department circulating in the meridians at one time to call for strength; In addition, it is also called force to squeeze out part of your potential by secret methods; Then the real person or Yuan Ying Zhen Jun will transfer some of his strength from then and Yuan Ying, even if it is not finished, it will be called force; But relatively speaking, the so-called force of monks generally refers to the first kind, and there is a more appropriate name for the latter, called desperate!
However, the problem of its own system is its own secret. Even though Fu Shan and Wang Xian have become their own, they naturally won’t tell them when there is no need, so they just pretend to accept it silently and stop theorizing about it.
This Qingyun Sword has been successfully tested, waiting to see when it will restore itself to determine the chemical finger force. However, during this childhood, people naturally won’t stop there, waiting for Wei to avoid it. Once again, thirty percent of the chemical finger force points are displayed in the then zombie Wang Xian took out the low-order jewel Xuan Yin Huan.
Xuan Yin Huan instantly turned into a person in a flash. This person smiled and gave a hand to Wei Ji and other three people. "Dear brothers, you are polite!"
There is not the slightest stubbornness or disharmony in the mellow sound, as if this Xuan Yin Huan came from a person’s previous Xuan Yin Huan phase but someone else changed it.
This man, then zombie Fu Shan and Wang Xian, are very familiar with it. That is, Yuan Li, the younger brother of the evil spirit, once escaped and framed Busan, but before he died, he slapped Wang Xian in the face. For Yuan Li, they hated it and said, "Eat its skin and eat its flesh and drink its blood." But both of them knew that Yuan Li was dead and died in the hands of Weiji. It was possible to get back for revenge.
This sudden Yuan Li suddenly appeared in front of the two of them, even though they all knew that this was a false hatred in front of them, and they were immediately seduced, and their faces changed greatly.
Seeing this, Wei Ji shouted, "If you want to vent, I will find a stone to make you vent. Now I want to listen to your opinion? Whether this Yuan Li can be fake or not! Remember not to bring personal feelings! "
Hearing this, Fu Shan and Wang Xian also calmed down. After a thoughtful moment, Fu Shan said, "If you fool us and some people who are not very familiar with it, there is absolutely no problem, but it is not necessarily true for those who are familiar with him."
After all, everyone is multifaceted. In our eyes, Yuan Li is like this, but in another person’s eyes, it may be another kind. Even if the appearance is completely the same, there is no difference, but the difference in mind impression will definitely produce a sense of disharmony. If that person is alert, he will definitely be suspicious of this difference! "
"Brother Fu, I agree!" Fu Shan said after Wang Xian first nodded and then added, "but I think that’s enough! Think about it. Someone has discovered this difference, and unless it is several times in a row, they will definitely not be suspicious at the first time. They will definitely think that something happened to this person! And the master’s creation spell can last for a short period of time. It is unrealistic to want to sneak into the gates of various factions for a long time, but if it is just to take something and execute something, I think there will be no problem. "
"That’s right!" Who avoid smell this is nodded his head, "the road is difficult to take care of their own immortal is not enough? Where are you interested in unifying thousands of factions? I definitely won’t do anything that the undercover lurks in various sects, but I don’t mind taking it out if I have something good for the sects and the conditions permit! "
Hear who avoid words two then zombies are nodded deeply.
After a pause, Wei Ji once again said, "Wang Xian, now you can try it and see if you can give Xuan Yin Huan back to his own hands."
Although there was a lesson from Fu Shan, Wang Xian didn’t have much hope, but he tried his best to control the appeal, but all his tricks were futile. At this time, he said, "Master, I’m afraid there is no other way but to sacrifice life and blood!"
"We can’t consider the blood sacrifice!" Who avoid smell speech answered at that time, "after all, this is too exhausting and few people dare to fight! Even after the event, we were able to use other means to suppress it! "
Said the bogey once again to become Yuan Lixuan Yin Huan point in the past, but this time it’s not a dynamic change again, but it’s dissolved and restored to Xuan Yin Huan. So the bogey wants to test out the effect enough but the most economical mana output.
This time, Wei bogey asked Wang Xian to control Xuan Yin Huan in accordance with the usual efforts to manipulate himself. Wei bogey also had an estimate of the situation, but he did not directly move twenty-five points from this level of twenty-one points.
This time, it was pointed out that the Xuan Yin Huan’s light flashed up at that time, but Wang Xian felt that his multiplier was changing naturally, and it was also convenient to strengthen control. At once, the light disappeared in shape, but he was not disappointed. He motioned for Wang Xian to make a second move after he was ready again. This time, he naturally moved twenty-six points.
This second time, Xuan Yin Huan’s brilliant light immediately revealed a human form, but just as it was about to be successfully revealed, Wang Xian countered the human form and once again disappeared and restored a circle.
Seeing so well, Wei bogey knows that this is about to reach the limit of Xuan Yin Huan, so his third shot did not show the strength of 27 points, but only added a little on the basis of 26 points. But even so, Xuan Yin Huan was a one-time change, and Wang Xianru’s course did not help.
Although this is only a low-order treasure, it is not universal, but it is enough for Wei Ji, because he is a master of refining. Although he can’t say that his vision of the viewer is the worst, it is absolutely no problem. If he needs to develop his ability to refer to materialization in the future, he should evaluate the gap between that person and the low-order treasure, that is, the Yin Huan.
Now who avoid already have ninety percent sure if low-order jewels even in the wonderful artical excelling nature exhibition a twenty-nine strength is enough to deal with!
The low-order jewels have been tested, and it is naturally the turn of the middle-order jewels. This time, Wei Ji chose Wang Xian’s jewels-the broken jade hook.