Bachelor elder sister said, "I heard that this action was organized by the Oriental Dynasty in Teisburg …"


Li Dalong, the Eastern Dynasty again, now has a headache when he hears this name.
However, this sentence of the bachelor elder sister has exposed too many problems. It is really common for powerful guilds to steal chickens and dogs these days. The key lies in the strength of the Eastern Dynasty. Can you shake it with your eyes? To be more specific, people can steal things from the bottom of Xia Xiaoqing’s nose, and you are really personal. Why do you get things back in one day?
"This is probably the case," Li Dalong mused. "I’ll assume that someone quietly told the Eastern Dynasty about this escort."
Bachelor elder sister said with "collusion? This is impossible, right? "
Li Dalong nodded, "It must be collusion, because the scene has been decorated a lot in advance by robbery, and every link is carefully designed. It is impossible to explain it by getting the news of the curtain in advance."
Xia Xiaoqing also showed a surprised expression. "There are only a few people who can betray this news."
Li Dalong said with a calm face, "No more selling. Because the informant must have reached an agreement with the other party and the goods were taken away, he has the confidence to let the goods come back. This is already designed. What is the exchange? We don’t need to know if I guess correctly, this news is just love to be revealed in autumn."
Xia Xiaoqing said, "Why did he do this?"
Li Dalong joined Mu Zixing’s eyes with a long sigh. With more experience and personnel, he gradually got to know the top level to a certain extent. The top core of Mu Zixing’s eyes was in the Council. These five members respectively represent the five major forces of the guild.
Among them, love sits firmly in the first place in autumn, and the happiness agreement is the least spoken. To be precise, the happiness agreement is that this person doesn’t like to pursue fame and gain, and he feels a little detached from the outside world, which makes people feel weak for a long time.
In addition to the happiness agreement, there are three remaining ones, namely Violet, Fairy, and Zhanba Tian. However, Fairy, that is, Xia Xiaoqing’s bachelor sister, belongs to this big school. The reason for their decline in the last six months, Li Dalong now knows that it is the boss, Fairy, who falls in love. Her main energy is no longer focused on wedding preparations, and her natural words shrink.
During this period, violet, a big force, rose wildly, and there was a faint tendency that love would rival each other in autumn.
Of course, the two presidents also have their own manpower, but the president is Mu Zixing, who looks at foreign business cards to solve disputes and suggests that dealing with big problems is not really big, or it is in the hands of members of the Council.
The bachelor sister couldn’t help saying, "According to you, it should be violets that love should deal with in autumn. How did they end up doing it to us?"
Li Dalong still sighed and thought, my sister, you are really a simple little woman. Where did you know about this kind of political struggle? However, everyone is not an outsider. Li Dalong patiently replied, "If I love it in autumn, I will do the same."
Xia Xiaoqing is curious. "What?"
Li Dalong said, "It’s very simple, because the biggest threat to love in autumn is violet. I am too targeted to deal with her at this cusp, and it is easy to be criticized. On the other hand, the weakest thing in the Council at present is fairy, and Xia Jie’s position is too sensitive. The importance of the position of senior captain is not to be said. At this time, I will try to help my people to get you back, and my power will be greatly enhanced, thus achieving the goal of enhancing my deterrence against violet and playing a good warning."
Xia Xiaoqing and Bachelor Sister were dumbfounded. If Li Dalong’s hypothesis is true, the Council will fight too deeply. The problem is that Li Dalong’s hypothesis is close to the truth.
The bachelor sister couldn’t help sighing, "What a dirty trick!"
"That’s what you’ve never seen before!" Li Dalong lightly replied that the means of human struggle for thousands of years are that skills, martial arts and equipment are difficult to enterprise.
In Jianghu, swords and shadows, grievances and enmities are brilliant, but you can’t see those terrible people hidden in the brilliance, but this … is the real Jianghu!
Xia Xiaoqing sighed and stopped talking, but she was obviously lost. Mu Zixing’s eyes were the first guild she joined, and strictly speaking, the only guild she belonged to in her life. She struggled step by step from the initial ordinary members, and I don’t know how much sweat and effort she paid to get to the present position. There are not only her friends, her struggles, but also her beliefs, her pursuit of goals and her emotional sustenance. But now …
She has a deep feeling that such a thing happened. In fact, she also knows that the further a person goes, the farther away he is from those young and innocent people. But when you were young and innocent, you were more eager to fight.
So what is it that we have struggled all the way?
Looking at her sad and lost expression, Mad Dog Dragon’s heroic spirit slapped the table again and got up. "Don’t worry, it’s on me!"
The bachelor sister looked up blankly. "What?"
Mad dog dragon righteously, "I will make friends with local tyrants whatever you do to me."
The bachelor elder sister can’t laugh or cry. "You have no culture, so I will be rewarded by the monarch."
"Yes, yes, yes!" Mad dog dragon said with a smile, "One sentence is called Jun, give me my wife and I’ll give my wife to Jun!" "
Bachelor sister "I … Shit!"
Xia Xiaoqing also put away her thoughts, "Cucumber, what do you want?"
Mad dog dragon way "Xia Jie, I must ask you to get justice"
The bachelor elder sister couldn’t help saying, "Don’t brag, concentrate on practicing, and manage yourself. It’s fast for you, Xia Jie, to return to the position of captain."
Mad dog dragon continued righteously, "I didn’t do that to restore Xia Jie’s post, but I was duty-bound to find out the accomplice of the Eastern Dynasty."
The bachelor sister listened and rolled her eyes. "Wake up, don’t say anything. If you can find out the name of the person who organized the robbery, I will I will …"
"What about you?" Mad dog dragon stared at her "as committed as a man? Then I’m sorry we are brothers and sisters. It’s against ethics to fool around like this. It’s called consanguineous adultery. Oh, it’s not that consanguineous marriages are born with deformed children. "
You!’ The bachelor sister was amused by him. "I said, can you be less crazy for a day?"
Mad dog dragon shook his head and said, "It’s a deal!"
"What’s the deal?" Sister bachelor was completely dizzy.
Mad dog dragon is full of lofty sentiments. "The wind is blowing, and cloud flying’s strong men are gone forever. I have decided to leave for the headquarters of the Oriental Dynasty in Teisburg overnight to learn that Jingke assassinated them, and they will grow stronger and stronger, and I will be full of purple stars, huh? Before we leave, sister, do you think we should have some chicken wings or something to send off? Chicken wings are too expensive, okay? That salad is interesting. Is it okay to have a plate? What? No salad? Then let’s have melon and peanuts. If not, let’s have rice candy. There is no rice candy. Forget it, give me a glass of water … "
Chapter seventy Stupid justice
To say that Mad Dog Dragon’s access to The Ninth Continent belongs to the nature of revenge, which is in line with the purpose of "revenge for people, debt collection for people, and you solve all problems".
It’s really a little difficult to find out the accomplice this time, not to mention that you are only weak at level 7. It’s difficult to say that you can recover the truth of the incident, but the thought of Xia Xiaoqing sitting in the light with that kind of lost expression makes him feel like he should do something.
Anyway, Xia Xiaoqing took care of him, even if he didn’t know how to meet him. It’s time for his buddy to behave.
But this performance also needs to find a way. Who should I find?