"What about now …"


"I don’t know, maybe I don’t hate it, maybe my heart hates it …" Xingtianmo’s eyes are slightly dim. "It’s a long time ago that we arranged to hate it or not, so it’s better to change what is troubled by hatred and cherish it now. I believe that that person also has his difficulties. I believe that there are no real bad people in the world …"
A silence.
"Are you sleepy?" Dongfang beiwen
"Yeah, but we can’t sleep." Xingtianmo said seriously. In this environment, we might die if we sleep. We should not do such an adventure well.
"So Mo Er, are you afraid of death?" Oriental bud jokes
"No, I feel that since there is hope, I can’t give up until I die!" Star day foam said seriously.
All hope is that it’s fate, not that it’s providence!
"Well, let’s just wait for someone to save us." From the tone of Dongfang Bei, I felt the smell of spoil and the warmth of my heart.
In the middle of the night, they had a hard time fighting with their eyelids …
The rising sun rises slowly, and the warm sunshine shines on the sacred snow mountain.
Looking at the sun, but not feeling a trace of warmth, this is the persistent search of Zhengsheng Snow Mountain. Two people sigh at the same time …
Look at this day, it should be seven o’clock, but it is still cold and hard to move in the holy snow mountain.
It’s hard to find a word in this sacred snow mountain! Two words are hard! Three words are very difficult! !
"MoEr you must stick to it! I will definitely find you! " Yue Xuan Yi yelled at the snow-white and accelerated the seemingly not accelerated pace.
"I won’t give up even if I rummage through the whole holy snow mountain! I also want to accompany you to die this … "
"Elder sister, you must hold on! And Moer … I still have something to tell you. Don’t be fine! " The oriental shadow on one side of the vast white snow is also struggling to move forward in three steps and two steps.
It’s two o’clock today to G; l; Ask for support! !
11 to live
"I want revenge! I want revenge! Silver, you’re dead! Even if Gong Yezhe dies first for you, you don’t want to get away with it … "
"ah! ! !”
Star day foam suddenly woke up and sat up, stretched out his hand and touched his forehead, dense cold sweat …
It’s really strange that you can still sweat in the snow!
Xingtianmo gasped for air and tried to calm down for a while, recalling the bloody scenes in her mind just now, which made her feel queasy now …
What’s going on? It seems that I have been having nightmares these days.
"What time is it now?" Starry foam looked at the sky, and the snow was melting, and the sun murmured together.
"It seems that fortunately, the nightmare woke me up, otherwise I don’t know when I will wake up, and I might freeze to death." Xingtianmo thought that she couldn’t sleep, but she still couldn’t help falling asleep.
"What rescue team hasn’t come yet? Are you really going to leave us in this barren mountain?" Xingtianmo had no idea that the rescue team had been looking for a night.
But then she thought, "Maybe the snow will clean my soul if I die here …"
Suddenly, Xingtianmo found that Dongfang Bei hadn’t woken up yet, and just wanted to call her back, only to find that her face was peaceful and peaceful, which seemed to be a dream …
Thinking of this, Xingtianmo couldn’t bear to disturb her and let her go back to sleep with confidence.
Maybe everyone likes to think when it’s quiet.
Xingtianmo sat in situ and looked at the marginal white in front of her eyes. A terrible and quiet attack came and she couldn’t help shivering. This is the world as if she were the only one left at this moment.
"I miss you so much …" Xingtianmo suddenly and automatically emerged in her mind the past scenes, whether sweet, bloody, warm or painful, which were reappeared in her mind at the moment, but Xingtianmo was unexpectedly calm.
Xingtianmo never thought about what life is like, but when she sits here with a feeling of dying, she is so resistant.
Death may be a flash, but how many people will suffer?
At this moment, Xingtianmo suddenly has a strong desire to live!
No one knows that she doesn’t want to leave this pain to her lover who loves her.
"Yi I believe you will come to save me! I’m waiting for you … "Xing Tian Mo Xin is stronger than her at the moment and has such a powerful force!
Send it at night ~
Zhuxi I suddenly found that "Zhuxi" turned out to be a place name …
111 avalanche again
"No, I can’t sit still!" Xingtianmo suddenly wants to climb out of this unknown Zita Law pit. She wants to take the initiative!
But when she wanted to get up, she fell down at once
Xingtianmo realized that her whole body seemed to be cold and weak!
"I can wait for you" Naixing Tianmo can now look forward to the arrival of the rescue team.