She thought that she had treated Pang Xia this way before. If Pang Xia wanted revenge, I’m afraid her good mistress couldn’t just take her.


Yu A Zi said that she was not afraid. She looked at Pang Xia and her eyes were full of interesting expressions, as if she had seen something interesting.
Pang Xia played this complete "Ten Palm of Dragon" for three times before it slowly fell from half to half.
Xiao Feng looked at Pang Xia and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Third brother, you have a very high understanding of Dragon Claps, and even I can’t teach you anything more.
However, you should remember that this "Ten Palm of Dragon" emphasizes momentum, so the power of palm method will naturally increase if you have a forward momentum.
But if you lose this momentum, then the power of palm method will play a lot.
Third brother, remember, remember! "
"Eldest brother, my sister-in-law home that a few mouth some contradictions.
I think they don’t want to see me either, so I left first
Let’s three brothers must have a chance to meet again in the future! "
"Since three younger brother you already have plans, then let’s go.
If you see the second brother, you should take care of him more.
Although the second brother’s kung fu is wonderful, it doesn’t work when it works.
There are still some dangers in this Jianghu! "
"Don’t worry, eldest brother, since he is sworn, he is naturally my second brother!"
"So cherish!"
"Eldest brother take care! Take me to say hello to my sister-in-law! "
As soon as Bi Pangxia stepped on the ground, the whole person jumped for half an instant and disappeared.
Pangxia landed in one place and looked at the black dress person in front of him. Some nai turned supercilious look.
Before Pang Xia could speak, the man in black, Xiao Feng’s father Xiao Yuanshan, said, "Do you know what an old man is?"
"It stands to reason that I should also call you a father!"
"It seems that you do know the identity of the old man, but if you know that the old man is still alive, this secret should not be known by anyone but me!"
"The world is afraid of it.
In fact, there is no secret in front of you
And I am naturally the one who sets his mind on it! "
"I should kill you! But you saved my future grandchild, and I’ll let you go! "
"Then I really want to thank you for your kindness."
"Don’t think that I can’t kill you. If I take a serious shot, you can’t pick up my ten tricks!"
"I have to question this!"
"Ha, ha, ha, just finished learning" Ten Hands of the Dragon ".Are you in a hurry to find someone to try? So I will accompany you to a game!"
Xiao Yuanshan suddenly folded his hands and then stretched out his right hand forward, and suddenly a piece of black canvas flew out of his cuff.
This piece of black canvas has been infused with Xiao Yuanshan’s force, which is tougher than being able to break gold and crack stones. Obviously, this kung fu is a first-class skill!
Pang Xia’s black fog boxing strength looms. The front of "Ancient Seven Wounded Boxing" is blasted out and straight for black canvas.
However, to Pang Xia’s expectation, this canvas should be as hard as iron plate after being hit by Pang Xia.
But at this time, it becomes extremely soft and follows Pang Xia’s arm towards Pang Xia’s body.
At this time, Pang Xia finally thought of Xiao Yuanshan’s kung fu
He marveled at a "Shaolin Temple Juexue", which is really amazing. I didn’t expect Mr. Xiao Lao to practice such Juexue! "
Say BiPangXia cast dragon ninth palm or jump in the deep right hand entangled away from the black canvas at the same time, the whole person directly rushed to the front of Xiao Yuanshan and slapped each other!
At this time, Xiao Yuanshan jumped into Xiao Yuanshan’s hand with one foot on the ground and an old wooden stick.