The tiger doesn’t show her arrogance when she is a sick cat.


Xu Lili clenched her fist with anger, and she raised her face with disdain.
"Give it up, my little sister won’t recognize you as godsisters. She has my best sister this day!"
"Lily, why are you doing this? Are you jealous that you haven’t asked your little sister?"
"That’s it!"
Li-li xu was their noisy head pain shortness of breath shout a.
"Do you want to ride a bike? ! Go if you don’t want to ride! "
Stealing her sister is an enemy!
Seeing that she is really angry, others dare not provoke her again. I am afraid that Xu Lili will not give them such a beautiful bicycle ride.
These people fawned on Xu Lili and said, "Lily, don’t be angry that we just said something wrong. Let’s ride a bike now!" "
"Everyone doesn’t know what the performance of this car is. I’ll come first and count me in!"
Everyone pushed the talking woman away. "Come on, I’ll go first!"
"I’ll go first!"
Chapter 19 Hyun-mei Crazy Devil Anger
Xu Erge rode his car to the police station and happened to meet a team colleague Pan Xionghu. The other party stared at Xu Erge’s bicycle with flashing eyes and envy.
"Guoqiang bought a bike? Your bicycle seems to be different from others. Why isn’t there a horizontal bar in front? "
Brother Xu carefully parked his bike and found two big locks from nowhere.
Two big locks tied the baby bike to the door of the police station.
This should be safe.
Xu second brother clapped his hands and got up to answer Pan Xionghu’s words. The two men talked and walked into the police station.
"Hee hee, this is not my bike, but my little sister’s women’s bike, that is, there is no horizontal bar. My little sister and my best home just arrived and lent it to me alone!"
He said that he was very complacent. For Pan Xionghu, this is a red fruit show.
Pan Xionghu is also a big guy. Usually, because they are as big as each other, they play well, and because they both like to blow their sisters, it is very topical to put them aside.
But today Pan Xionghu felt that he had lost badly.
First of all, my sister didn’t lend him a bike, and second, her sister didn’t have a bike herself.
I can’t see that Xu’s second brother’s villain is arrogant, and Pan Xionghu deliberately shows his dislike.
"Women ride a bike you also ride? Xu Laoer, do you still have any promise? "
"What do you mean by Panda nose?" Xu second brother is very angry. "What’s wrong with a woman riding a bike? I have a bike to ride. Do you? "
Hit with one blow
Pan xionghu
Seeing that he couldn’t speak, Xu Erge was even more proud. He couldn’t wait for his tail to tilt up.
Keep your mouth open and keep your voice up.
"And my little sister not only has a good heart but also looks beautiful! In the past few months, the threshold of our family has been trampled by relatives! "
He said in a tone of disgust, "Those people don’t look in the mirror and see how ugly they are. How dare they kiss my little sister?" There are no points in my heart! "
Pan Xionghu was shocked.
I don’t know many people. I’m afraid it’s you.
Two people have walked into the office at this moment, and Xu Erge’s words have been heard by several colleagues in the office.
Everybody, look at me. I look at your face. It’s a long story.
Lao Li, a senior of the police station, held the tea urn and said with difficulty, "Guoqiang, I remember you said that your little sister looks like you?"
Xu Guoqiang came to the police station for almost two months for training, which is unambiguous.
Except for one thing that is criticized.
That is, blowing my sister is a day without falling. Together with Pan Xionghu, she is called the police force’ Hyun Mei Crazy Duo’.
"Yes, our families all look alike. Of course, my little sister and I look the most alike!"
Brother Xu proudly stressed
""all the colleagues looked Xu Erge face was silent.
Excuse me, you have a silly Chinese face, squinting, garlic nose and thick lips. How can you boast that you look like your sister?
See blood?
Old-timers don’t know what to say so as not to hurt the self-esteem of younger generations.
He earnestly said, "The country is strong, everything is too much. If you want to praise your sister’s mood, we can understand it, just like my daughter is not very good-looking, but in my heart, she is the best-looking. This is human nature!"
Lao Li said that others nodded with a face of approval.
Chapter ninety Elder sister is more professional than acting.
Xu Taotao has always pursued a saying that we don’t make trouble, but we are not afraid of things.
"Who is the bitch scolding?"
"Just scold you!"
"Oh, bitch, it’s you!" Xu Taotao fuels
Liu Yunyun pointed to her anger chest ups and downs "you you-"
Watching the crowds in the corridor
Xu Taotao displeased and patted her finger.
"Pointing at people with your fingers, didn’t your parents teach you what manners are?"
Liu Yunyun clenched his fist and his face turned blue and changed again.
Then, when she looked up again, she had changed her posture.
"Comrade Xu, I’m sorry. I care too much about Yan Hua’s brother. I apologize for my improper speech just now.