"The flute worries you." He gently kissed her forehead, took her by the hand, and held her slim waist with his eyes full of affection for her.


Shook his head and gave him a little smile. "You remember."
"Yes, I remember."
"Even martial arts are remembered?"
"Well, even martial arts are remembered."
Reach out and hold his neck and smell the flute. Tears fall. "Xianggong, do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment?"
Li Er patted her back piteously and nodded silently. "Sorry to have kept you waiting."
"Xianggong, are we going back to Beijing?" Wendi took a nose and looked up at him.
Eat the tearful pearl in the mouth and return to her "start tomorrow"
"Do you still push me when you think of the Ministry?" She’s a little scared
"No, even if I remember everything, I won’t lose you! I promise you nothing less! We will pay you back when the dust settles in Beijing! "
Chapter 13 Back to Beijing
Today, it is said that many imperial emperors were secretly killed by non-forces, and their heads were all cut off by people’s knives. Others said that they also saw the ghost of the 17 th report coming to claim their lives from these emperors because they joined forces with Jianghu forces to kill 100 thousand border guards on the road.
It’s hard to tell the truth from the truth. The only constant is the free traders in the streets and lanes.
A lot of things are a waste of hearing and not listening, and it’s not too much for me to talk about it after dinner.
Two figures, one black and one white, shuttle through the bustling crowd like two ghosts.
"Abatti Giresse Concorde’s brother is ahead." White ink pulls Abatti Giresse Concorde in black, and the two men look very close with their fingers clasped.
Abatti Giresse Concorde, dressed in black, looked ahead with eyes and disappeared in the sea of people with ink.
"Gu Ye Wei Chi Jincheng hasn’t appeared yet, but those emperors have almost died. The target range is getting smaller and smaller. I believe we will be able to lock the target soon." Ji Ruoshui sat in Ruoshui Pavilion bag. At this time, she had taken off her mask and wore a gauze hat to have tea with Gu Ye Qiufeng.
"So if the owner of Shuige doesn’t let us act together tonight to completely kill Weichi Jincheng," Gu Ye Qiufeng took a sip of tea and looked at her quietly.
"Are you so sure that you can kill him in one fell swoop?" JiRe water looks up to his man’s seductive face with full calm.
"If Shuige mainly doesn’t believe in nature, it’s not necessarily that the last jade Jue can reach you."
Sighed JiRe water will be a cup of tea to drink the potential to go "just anyway, it’s too late to wait."
"If the owner of Shuige is in a hurry, what seat hasn’t come yet?" Just then, Gu Ye saw a man and a woman coming side by side to the teahouse.
Ink pull Abatti Giresse Concorde came to the ancient leaves in front of the autumn wind "master ink is back".
"Mo, is this the helper you found?" Looking at Chen Digu Ye Qiufeng briefly picked his eyebrows.
"Master Abatti Giresse Concorde’s brother is from the imperial court. If he makes a move, he will definitely lose it." Mo said with a smile.
Look at Chen Di’s face in black with sharp edges and corners. Gu Ye Qiufeng nodded. "Then please."
Ji Ruoshui raised his eyebrows. "You’re not going to do it yourself?"
"Wei Chi Jin Cheng body double so much, how can the two of us become more helpers?"
"Why don’t you let the woman who assassinated the seventeen princes do it?"
Gu Ye sneered, "Isn’t it because a girl in your hand resents her for hurting Wei Chi Jincheng?"
JiRe water smiled noncommittally.
A fight was going on at the last imperial residence that night.
To hear about the king of the dynasty
In this default rule, the person who had already recognized victory in sight became the ghost of a knife. Wei Chi Jincheng dumped the knife and turned to look at two figures, one black and one white.
"The 17th report has finally waited for you." Murrah Abatti Giresse Concorde appeared in the dark night in a white dress as bright as Tian Yue.
Weichi Jincheng ignored the ink but looked at her side. Abatti Giresse Concorde saw that his glassy-eyed nature was white for a few minutes
"Autumn wind tower ancient leaves autumn wind is who you are?"
Ink smiled "nature is a teacher! Seventeenth Master, my master has seen something on you. Can you lend it to me? "
Wei Chi Jincheng’s hey hey sneer at the knife across the front. "That depends on whether you have this thing."
Ink slightly make signal with the lips pulling Abatti Giresse Concorde hand jiao told "Abatti Giresse Concorde brother that man is the murderer who recently heard of serial murders in Beijing!"
Abatti Giresse Concorde looked at Weichi Jincheng’s eyes and quickly flew to him. He shook his hand and grabbed a handful of leaves around and flew out.
Weichi Jincheng’s eyes shrank, his wrists doubled, his double knives swished, swished all the fallen leaves and quickly attacked him.
Abatti Giresse Concorde unhurriedly caught a glimpse of the rocks in the garden, and with a wave of his hand, he would attract him to throw at Weichi Jincheng.
Wei Chi Jincheng’s flying double knives cut the flying rocks into pieces and bounced them all back after another exercise.
Abatti Giresse Concorde also unambiguous five-finger dustpan Zhang will fly gravel at random and once again hit Weichi Jincheng back.
"It was Chen Guren, a weapon capable of all things." Wei Chi Jincheng’s eyes shrank, and he started to move toward Abatti Giresse Concorde again.
"The two of them are so afraid to hit the sky." Jire water looked at the two people in the war in the distance.
"It’s not too late to wait until they both lose." Gu Ye Qiufeng smiled and looked at the two figures in the field. "And if this person is not Wei Chi Jincheng, wouldn’t we lose?"
JiRe water smell speech nodded "you say it’s I didn’t think"
This way, Wei Chi Jincheng and Abatti Giresse Concorde are fighting with each other.
Emperor Chen claims that everything is the weapon house of all things, and everything becomes his props. They are trying to control and attack Wei Chi Jincheng.
It is not difficult for Wei Chi Jincheng to deal with it carefully. In his view, at this time, Abatti Giresse Concorde must have been controlled by the ink, so the deadly attack mode is afraid that he will be powerless before long.
Sure enough, Abatti Giresse Concorde threw the things in the mansion after July 7th, and he was powerless to breathe. Not only was he hinted by ink that he would never give up if he didn’t catch the serial killer, but he continued to overdraw himself.
Mo didn’t expect that Abatti Giresse Concorde hadn’t taken Wei Chi Jincheng to heart for so long. She was really worried about Abatti Giresse Concorde. At first, she wanted to help Master, but she didn’t want Master to show up. Instead, she asked Abatti Giresse Concorde to be bait here.
"Master! Almost! Please come quickly! Brother Abatti Giresse Concorde and brother Abatti Giresse Concorde are dying! " The ink was so anxious that it shouted
"Are you sure you don’t want to go when your little apprentice calls you?" JiRe water eyebrow look at his mouth gently hook up.
"If the owner of Shuige is in a hurry, Wei Chi Jincheng still has spare capacity. If this is true, are we going so rashly?"
"But she has exposed us. Aren’t you afraid that Wei Chi Jincheng will kill Abatti Giresse Concorde and then deal with us?"
Ancient Ye Qiu got wind of it and frowned slightly. He didn’t want to make moves now. He must choose the most appropriate opportunity.
Abatti Giresse Concorde has been panting WeiChi Jincheng said hurriedly seize the opportunity freaky pressed a pair of blades to dance fast wind ring unexpectedly will Abatti Giresse Concorde robe pendulum is cut.
Seeing that he was in danger, I couldn’t look at him anymore and suddenly jumped into the circle without considering my bad martial arts.
"Wei Chi Jincheng, stop it!" Ink eyes flashing tightly staring at Wei Chi Jincheng eyes blink he lost his mind and immediately recovered.