These four spheres, purple Lei Guang and red firelight, each account for half of it, but they are not fixed. They are like running water and keep flowing there, such as turning Tai Chi.


These four Tai Chi Thunder fireballs stayed in the flag banners for a moment after they were formed, and then they flew in four directions like meteors falling. Those four places were the weak points that avant-garde should not feel about the small magic bee sword array.
Wei Ji moves quickly here, and Zhang Chengfeng naturally won’t slow down. Wei Ji attacks like a spark. At the same time, Zhang Chengfeng also uses the same means to even urge Xiao Yuanqian Magic Bee Sword Array to suppress the new fire array like a thorn in the eye and a nail in the flesh.
The extraordinary speed of 1,296 Lingjian bees in the virtual space has been very complicated and complicated, and soon another pattern has been formed. This exchange trajectory will definitely be bigger than the head if a monk is allowed to calculate it, but at this moment, this situation is presented in an extraordinarily natural way. None of the monks on the sidelines are dazzled by these alternating trajectories. On the contrary, they all feel quite pleasing to the eye.
After forming a new pattern, 1,296 Lingjian bees suddenly stagnated. This time, it was not because of any external influence, but simply because of the evolution of their own laws. At the moment when they stagnated, 1,296 Lingjian bees bloomed in splendor, but in vain, several Geng Jin vitality poured towards them.
The original small body of Lingjian bee soared three feet in an instant, really like a real flying sword with a handle, emitting a very cold sword.
Another moment, these spirit sword bees became visible, and the flying swords moved faster than time. At that time, the ring was full of golden light everywhere, as if a light suddenly appeared to build a cage.
It’s just a blink of an eye to say these words late. The monk blinked his eyes and the confrontation turned into a fierce confrontation. Several golden streamers and swords and four Tai Chi thunder fireballs slammed together fiercely.
Thunder fireballs exploded, thousands of Mars flew, and hundreds of thunder snakes danced wildly. The golden light collided in the virtual space and made a series of sneers and whistles. It was like a rest, and the light was like fireworks blooming all over the sky.
However, this is not the fiercest place where the two men clashed, but the fiercest place is at the peripheral edge of the thunder and fire array. Here, the force field of the thunder and fire array is as dense as a rainstorm, and the golden light hits the ripples and shakes the virtual, which actually shows a foot of Xu Lai’s wide gully. Black is like being split.
At this moment, everyone in Taiwan can’t see the two figures, but they are all staring at the challenge and paying attention to all the changes, because in their view, after the first confrontation between the two large arrays, there is no suspense in winning or losing, and that moment is just a moment.
"Boom, boom,"
I don’t know how much the strong roar rang. Suddenly, the huge ravine disappeared, and the thunder fire was completely annihilated. The golden light left was still faintly visible in the dancing. Just as everyone was in control of the situation, Zhang Chengfeng suddenly burst out of a door panel to be dozens of feet wide, and the sword was shot out as if the axe were cracked, and Zhang Chengfeng flew over towards thousands of rays.
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Chapter 4 Chapter 6 Feeling Coming Again
Chapter DiSiLiu Feeling coming again
This golden sword light is like the first ray of light when the morning sun rises.
At first glance, that ray of morning light is not blazing, but it seems to be a bit warm. However, it is blessed with the constant rotation of the sun and the moon, and the general trend of heaven and law is unfavorable. A dark cloud covers the earth and fills the sky, which will also be cut by it to make the light come to the world.
Nowadays, this sword light is also so miraculous. In the past, the sword array of lightning and fire was fierce, and the bombing ring was mixed. Few monks in Taiwan were able to see the situation clearly. However, Zhang Chengfeng was recognized as a dominant wind by many spectators because he stepped on the feather snake, so most of his eyes were fixed on him instantaneously and not instantaneously, and they tried their best to analyze him, because in their hearts, Zhang Chengfeng was likely to be their opponent soon.
However, at the moment when this golden sword light appeared, all monks in this challenge could not help but look away.
This moment seems to be taken away.
Because these monks have seen a copious trend from this sword, such as mountains and feet crushing all obstacles ahead.
At this time, Wei Ji’s facial expression still seems unchanged, but in the mud pill palace, he was unconsciously trembling and excited. At this moment, he was not satisfied with his sword counterattack, which was a surprise.
Because at this moment, he once again had that feeling of harmony with God.
It seems that people always make a mistake, that is, they learn that the opportunity is precious only after they lose it, and Wei Ji is no exception. At the beginning, in the vast array of six-wheel rotation, they disappeared because of temporary emotional fluctuations, and their regrets are still fresh in their memories. At this moment, Wei Ji regained the excitement.
However, Wei Ji is an extraordinary person who made a mistake once, and he will never make it again. At the moment when he felt it, he tried his best to stabilize his emotions so as not to affect his hard-won state at this time.
The effect of this state is clear enough. On the same day, in the six-wheel vast array, he did not have the usual strength in the dzogchen period, so he cut out a fake Dan master. At this time, if this state can be maintained, Wei Ji will have full confidence to deal with Zhang Chengfeng, and it will not be difficult.
At this moment, Wei Ji gave up all kinds of intrigues and calculations in his heart and gave everything to the fight now.
The golden sword light crossed the barrier between the two people in an instant and came to Zhang Chengfeng. For this antelope, it is like a stroke of a pen and a sword to counterattack Zhang Chengfeng’s heart, but it can’t help but suddenly jump with horror. It has long been fearless of cold and heat, and its body is like a mortal being frightened, which is somewhat hot.
After all, Zhang Chengfeng is also gifted, and his reaction ability is extraordinary. Although his own body can’t keep up with his own reaction because of this sudden change, it doesn’t mean that he can stop or fight back, because his feet also have a powerful beast-feather snake.
The imperial beast Xianzong’s housekeeping is to control all kinds of spiritual beasts in heaven and earth. This communication is naturally without any problem. At this moment, Zhang Chengfeng did not consider what to keep. He immediately communicated with the feathered snake and told it to stop the disaster. Feathered snake is also a famous warrior among all kinds of beasts. There is a kind of belligerence in the bones. Because it was not for Zhang Chengfeng’s repeated warnings, he would have wanted to make a wanton attack. At this time, he was impatient, and there was almost no half delay. With an agitation, a fist was red and red, just like a real fire.
A crisp, loud and deafening sound sounds like a golden iron.
With this sound, the golden sword light and the red fire all exploded, and the golden and red colors were mixed as if the meteor shower were falling on people all over the sky.
However, in this fierce scene, few people noticed that the plumed serpent groaned under the wind. One guard naturally noticed this because it was his intention
In this inexplicably powerful combat state, Wei bogen needs to think more, and he will naturally make moves in the most favorable way for himself. His sword light just now seems to be a record, but it contains three magical swords.
It goes without saying that the original Wei Ji can accumulate a sword force in a sword. However, in this state of fighting between gods, he naturally accumulated three directly and successfully put it to use.
Therefore, the sword is solved by a feathered snake, so the magical power of the sword is naturally in the feathered snake’s body to build a dreamland along the feathered snake’s thinking force. However, the secret method revised by Zhang Chengfeng is to connect himself with the spirit beast, so it is inevitably affected by some factors.
Fortunately, this kind of influence is connected, and it is not great. He can pull it out from it and not sink into it, but even if it is such a small loss, he can’t eat it.