These three shadows are all more than three meters tall, which makes Tang Luoling three people feel slightly surprised.


"Three elders, this is my benefactor, so please give them a ride."
"Baboon king, rest assured that I will complete my mission!"
The three old baboons expressed their loyalty with different mouths, and then let all three of them sit on their shoulders and leave the broken soul mountain. Chapter 34 The false aunt came to find 1.
You can feel the fastest progress in the forest without sitting on the body of a king kong baboon.
Tang Luoling felt that one of them was about to hit a big tree like riding a roller coaster, but it turned sharply and rushed towards another big tree.
It was only after six hours that they had arrived outside Xiangzhou.
"Three distinguished guests, we three old guys couldn’t go in and sent it here. Please forgive me."
One of the old king kong baboons said.
Tang Luoling bowed his hand to the three of them after landing. "The three elders have worked hard. We thanked them here. If we are destined to meet again in the future, this is a gift from Luoling to the three elders. Please accept it."
King Kong’s old baboon refused. "It’s very kind of Tang Jiazhu to cure the king of baboons, which has brought hope to our baboon family. We dare not accept your thank-you gift again."
"Do the three elders dislike me for giving less thanks?"
Tang Luoling’s rhetorical question startled the three King Kong baboons, who had the guts to abandon them?
"Not so Tang Guzhu we didn’t mean it …"
"If you don’t accept it, it’s disgusting."
It’s rare for Tang Luoling to be so strong. Zhuang Shun looked startled. It seems that this sister is not a good crop.
It’s normal for Yunlie to dress up as a pig and eat a tiger. Tang Luoling has done a lot.
Three King Kong baboons accepted Tang Luoling and thanked the vial. "Thank you, Tang Jiazhu."
"If you have anything, you can find Tang Xiuqing in Tangjiabao and he will get me."
Tang Luoling bowed his hand to Yunlie Day, and Zhuang Shunchao entered Xiangzhou City.
This time, Tang Luoling, who entered the den of King Kong Baboons, gained a lot from the three men. That is not what ordinary people can get. The most important thing is that the fierce beast family of King Kong Baboons has laid a good foundation. Even if it has something to do, it is not impossible to ask these King Kong Baboons for help.
The old baboons who left San Kong looked at the porcelain bottle in their hands and opened it to smell it.
The smell makes them feel that their bodies have passed away and their vitality has become alive as if they had been awakened.
"This is the beast Dan? !”
Three King Kong baboons looked at each other. They really didn’t expect Tang Luoling to be so rich. Zhuo Yi gave them three beasts, Yan Dan.
Their life is not long, so the baboon king wants to take Xiaogang away from these humans.
But I didn’t expect Tang Luoling to see through their physical condition at a glance, which gave them the most hope for life extension.
They are fierce beasts, and their lives will last for 300 years. After 300 years, they can die if Yanshou Dan helps them, and they can live for another 20 years if Tingdan helps them.
The three King Kong baboons were so excited that they knelt down in the direction of Tang Luoling’s departure. "Tang Jiazhu will be lucky to see us again!"
Their behavior is unknown to Tang Luoling.
When they returned to the Duke of Zhuang’s mansion, the obedient people of Zhuang reported that they knew something, but they couldn’t help picking their eyebrows and turned to them. "The mansion has come. This person claims to be Aunt Yungong, and now my second brother is greeting her."
"My aunt?"
Yunlie heavenly heart sank. Yunli really found the door. Chapter 35 Pseudo-aunt came to find it.
There is a lady sitting in the lobby of Zhuang Guogong House.
I saw her wearing an azurite embroidered gold collar and a rose purple brocade dress. The breeze blew through the gauze and the whole person exuded a touch of extravagance.
Long black hair was tied into a simple double bun, and an elegant red jade pendant was worn.
This lady has a dichotomous similarity in appearance, but her eyebrows are sharp but she makes people unhappy.
Tang Luoling saw this cloud pear as soon as he entered the door.
Yunli was sitting there, acting like a lady, full of charm, and said to Gao Zuo Zhuang Hao, "I heard that the child in Lietian came back and came to this Zhuang Guogong office today to take the liberty to bother me. Please ask Zhuang Ergong to let Lietian come out. I am still his relative after all, and my house is his home. How can I live outside?"
If I hadn’t known that she was a ruthless person, Tang Luoling would really think that this aunt is really kind-hearted
Yun Lietian didn’t know that this aunt had her parents dead.
But he knew that this aunt was expelled from Yunjia.
Yunlie weather Yu Angxuan came in. "I’m Yunlie. It’s Yunjia Sun. It’s not a cat, a dog, and you can hook up at will. Please don’t climb to recruit people at will!"
ZhuangShun snow a smile to come out, this Yunlie day to talk is really unkind, it doesn’t look at that Yunli face is blue and white and angry, but it has to be patient.
Cloud pear raise a naturally gentle smiling face "fierce day! Do you still remember that your aunt has never treated you badly? I will prepare a copy of your aunt’s thoughts for you whenever your cousins have them. Aren’t you white? "
As he spoke, he was in tears
Tang Luoling beside coldly looking at what is a gentle trap, this is it.
Yunxing once said that if she didn’t agree with Yunli for a moment, Yunfu would not have let Sister-in-law die of double suicide by Yunli’s evil hand Yunqing.
In fact, how a generation does Tang Luoling has no position to talk to anyone.
But now that she knows who Yunlie’s enemy is, it’s really difficult for her to watch.
So she came out and put a hook on her lips. "Madam, the so-called married daughter threw out water, not to mention that you were waiting for me. On the day of your marriage, General Tianyun announced to everyone that you were a cloud family. Now you are a family, and it is a cloud family. How can you be a family?"
Yunli shook his sleeve and his eyes fell on the girl’s body in the past two years.
This little girl’s temperament is like a deep valley and a pair of eyes are as cold as that well water. I don’t know what. In front of her, Yunli will have a feeling that her heart is seen through by the other party.
Yunli was not annoyed or angry, but asked, "Who is this girl?"
"Me? Ma’ am, is it nice to visit someone else’s house without knowing the situation of the host family? "
Tang Luoling sneered
There is an unwritten rule in the southern Zhou state that nobles must know each other’s family background when they visit each other. What’s the joke? Chapter 36 Fake aunt comes to find 3.
Host family?